Darwin, minnesota

I don’t understand much at all about String Theory.  I intuit it has a lot to do with the structure of the universe — which I read somewhere was unraveling. But I know a little something about things falling apart and what it takes to hold things together. And it may not be string.  If the universe is expanding – or is it contracting?- then rubber bands are the tool for the job, not string.

I grew up in Minnesota. We are by nature friendly folk, not ones to show off.  Our humor is self-effacing.  We do, while others talk.  For instance, Darwin, Minnesota is home to the world’s largest twine ball made by a single person.  The Johnson Twine Ball is 12 feet in diameter and wieghing 10,400 lb..  It took  Francis A. Johnson 29 years, 4 hours a day rolling that ball first by hand and then later with jacks.